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Fetal Medicine Foundation of Canada (FMF) is a non-profit organization that works in close collaboration with the Fetal Medicine Foundation UK to provide training and certification in the 11-13+6 week scan according to the internationally accepted standards set by the FMF UK.
FMF offers all components of nuchal translucency training in the 11-13+6 week scan, including the theoretical 11-13+6 week scan course, nuchal translucency image audit and nuchal translucency quality assurance training. All participants in the program are recorded in the FMF database which tracks the nuchal translucency certification status of sonographers (physicians, ultrasound technologists, nurse sonographers) and provides nuchal translucency sonographer ID codes.

The courses offered by FMF, including the
e-learning 11-13+6 week scan course available on this website, are recognized by the FMF UK, and all participants are entered into the FMF UK database upon completion of the theoretical and practical components of nuchal translucency training. 

FMF also provides information about prenatal screening and diagnosis for patients and their healthcare providers.