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Every pregnant woman wants to have a healthy baby. Although most babies are healthy, it is normal to be concerned about your unborn baby’s health.

Some tests are now available that will give a woman information about the overall "health" of her baby before birth. These prenatal tests should be understood before you have them done.

There are some prenatal tests which are available to all pregnant women, while other tests may be appropriate only for certain women based on individual medical or family history. This website provides information about some of the tests. We encourage you to discuss your options with a doctor, midwife or nurse practitioner early in pregnancy to help you choose whether testing is appropriate for you and if so, what tests you should consider.

Whether or not to have prenatal screening or prenatal diagnosis is your choice.

FMF has done its best effort to provide a product that is useful in terms of providing educational information based on an evaluation of scientific literature and medical experience. The educational content attempts to describe principles of practice generally applicable in most circumstances.
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