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2006 Canadian Symposium on Prenatal Screening

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Detailed Requirements & Trouble Shooting
1) Principles of Prenatal Screening: Mark Evans, MD
2) 1st and 2nd Trimester Chemistry, Where is it heading? Philip Buchanan, PhD
3) OSCAR-Clinical Implementation: Jo-Ann Johnson, MD
4) Integrated Screening: Philip Wyatt, MD, PhD
5) Contingency Screening: Howard Cuckle, PhD
6) Cross Trimester Marker Ratio: David Wright, PhD
7) European Approach: Francoise Muller, MD
8) The Canadian Experience: Jo-Ann Johnson/Philip Wyatt, MD, PhD
9) Placental and Other Markers on Adverse Outcomes: Francois Audibert, MD
10) Closing Remarks: Philip Wyatt, MD, PhD